Looking for new coaches for the 2014 - 2015 Season

Roadrunners St-Hilaire

Roadrunners 2003

Roadrunners 2006





2 Championships

2007 Roussillion


2007 Roussillion

St-Hubert Champions

Congratulations and thank you to our young players for 2 great performances


2006 St-Constant

Finalists National Tournament

Congratulations to our young players who offered us a great performance !!!


2013 Season


We would like to offer our most sincere thanks to all the persons present during the course of our 2013 season Tournament.

We most particulary like to thank all our young players and the great head-coaches and assistants of each team involved.

Let's not forget the parents that give so much to the sport by their encouragement and devotion.
Thank you also to the family members and friends...

 Congratulations to all !!!
 One more time, Thank you..
 See you all next year...

  Mr Michel Jean-Marie
 Roadrunners Élites AAA


Good luck to Maxim

St-Louis Blues # 40

Maxim Lapierre













A am please today to be able to share my passion and my player experience with the youngest. My years when I played minor hockey and my participations to different tournament give me the chance to develop my skills and my hockey sense.  Even if the victory wasn't always there, I always have a lot of fun to play hockey.

In all experiences, I also learn perseverance that served me since my beginning in the professional hockey whether it is with Hamilton Bulldogs, Montreal Canadiens and now with the Vancouver Canucks. I always encourage you  to give the maximum effort as such as having fun and listens the coach's instructions that will permit you to grow as a player and as a young adult.

I hope my combative style and my determination to be constantly willing to improve myself will inspire the young players topursuit their dream.

Finally, the dream and the passion will permit you to hope  to reach the top in that faboulus sport called hockey.


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